LED flood lights factory|What are the types of factory lights?

September 04, 2022

With the development of the economy, we have more and more factories established. Many of them use factory lights, which are widely used in workshops, machining workshops, large machine tools and so on. Let's take a closer look at the factory lights with the editor.



Classification of factory lights

According to the research, it is known that factory lights are roughly divided into the following categories: wide illumination type, light distribution type, deep illumination type, extra deep illumination type, and uniform light distribution type.

1. Wide light type

The housings of the wide-illumination type lamps are made of frosted reflectors. It looks like a helmet-shaped lampshade, and its surface is treated with some special sprays. The reason for this operation is to make it stronger and more durable. This type of lamp has a wider light distribution, so its irradiation area is wider. Such lamps are often used for lighting in conference rooms, classrooms, etc.

2. Photo-matching type

Lighting type lamps are energy-saving lamps, and their development is due to the development of LED technology. Of course, most factory lights can use LED light sources, but the lighting factory lights are the most widely used, and their service life is relatively long, and their light source illumination is also very broad.



3. Deep light type

Most of the housings of this factory light are made with reflectors and polished mirrors. The light source of factory lights using this kind of shell is relatively concentrated, which is more suitable for tall long rooms or places where strong light is required. Since the deep-illuminated factory light also uses a high-power power supply, it is used in some factories such as large warehouses, machinery production workshops and so on.

4. Extra deep light type

The special deep light type is a special kind of factory lamp, which is improved on the basis of other factory lamps. Such manufacture saves a great deal of material of manufacture.

5. Uniform light distribution type

Uniform light distribution can be known from the surface meaning that it is a kind of lamp that illuminates the light source more uniformly. It is not as concentrated as other factory lights, such as deep light type and extra deep light type. This luminaire illuminates the light source evenly, it does not focus on the light source. This uniform light distribution type factory lamp can only be installed in some workshops with relatively low heights.

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