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As a Best Solar Street Light Manufacturer & Supplier, Sunshinelux have produced All In One Solar Street Light and engineering Solar Led Street Light, the power of all-in-one solar street lights are 30W 60W 90W 120W 150W. 

These materials are all ABS shells. Engineering Solar Powered Street Lights, we use aluminum die-casting body, there are different series, the conventional power is 100W 150W 200W 300W. Our solar panels are all monocrystalline solar panels, using a new 3.2V LiFePo4 battery. 

The benefits of solar street lights include reduced electricity bills, lower maintenance costs, and increased safety and security. Additionally, solar street lights are environmentally friendly and sustainable, as they do not rely on non-renewable energy sources. 

All are guaranteed for 2 years and waterproof to IP65. Now with the promotion of green energy, Solar Street Lamp are more and more popular among consumers. If you are interested in our products, please contact us. We will provide free samples for you to test.

1. Pouring the foundation

A. Establish the installation location, according to the construction drawings and survey of the site geology, in the top of the Solar Flood Light without shade, the street light spacing of 40 meters as the benchmark, to determine the installation location of street lights.

B. Excavate the street light pit, excavate the street light pit at the installation location, pay attention to confirm and protect other facilities such as cables and pipes at the excavation location when digging the pit.

C. Bury the battery, build a battery box in the excavated pit and bury the battery box into it. 4.

D. Pour the street light foundation pre-buried parts, place the solar street light pre-buried parts into the pit, and put one end of the steel wire tube into the middle of the pre-buried parts, and the other end into the buried battery. And keep the pre-buried parts, the foundation and the ground on the same level, and use C20 concrete to pour the pre-buried parts to fix. 5.

E. After the construction is completed, timely clean up the residue on the positioning plate, and after the concrete has solidified, start installing the China outdoor led flood light.

2. Solar street light component installation method

A. Installation of solar panel: put the solar panel on the panel bracket, tighten it with screws, connect the output line of the solar panel, pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the correct panel, and tie the output line of the panel with ties, tin the panel junction after connecting the line, and then put it aside to wait for threading.

Installtion of solar panel

B. Installation of LED work lamps and lanterns: put the light wire out of the light arm and leave a section of the light wire at one end of the installation head; support the light pole, put the other end of the light wire out of the hole reserved for the light pole, and put the light wire down to the top end of the pole; install the light head at the other end of the light wire, align the light arm with the screw hole on the pole, and then tighten the light arm with screws using a quick wrench; put the light wire through the top end of the pole to make a good Mark the top end of the light pole with the solar panel wire and use the thin threading tube to thread the two wires together to the bottom end of the pole, and fix the solar panel on the pole.

installation of LED lamps and lanterns

C. Lamp pole lifting: After checking the fixed condition of each part, put the rope on the suitable position of the lamp pole, slowly lift the lamp, when the lamp pole is lifted to the top of the foundation, slowly put down the lamp pole to determine the height of solar street light, while rotating the lamp pole, adjusting the lamp head to the road, and aligning the hole on the flange with the foot bolt; after the flange falls on the foundation, put on the flat pad, spring pad and nut in turn, and tighten the nut evenly with a wrench to fix the lamp pole. Fix the light pole well.

D. Install the battery and controller: put the battery into the battery well, use a thin wire to thread the battery line to the top of the road base; then connect the connection line to the controller, first connect the battery, then connect the load, and then connect the solar panel; debug the street light is working normally, if normal, set the mode of the controller, let the street light light up, no problem can be sealed with the lamp cover of the pole.

3、Component adjustment and secondary pre-burial

After the solar street light installation is completed, check the overall street light installation effect, re-adjust the tilt of the lamp pole, and check whether the sunrise angle of the battery panel is deviated, whether the lamp head is justified, etc.; confirm that they are adjusted, the second pre-burial of the lamp pole base, using cement to build the base of the lamp pole into a small square, so that the solar street light is more solid and reliable.

solar street lignt install

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