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What will be the impact of poor heat dissipation of led industrial and mining lights?

December 01, 2022

What will be the impact of poor heat dissipation of led industrial and mining lights?

Everyone knows that UFO LED industrial and mining lights are cold light sources. So many customers think that LED high bay lights will not be as hot as incandescent lamps. In fact, this is wrong. LED high bay lights still generate heat. When electricity is converted into light energy, part of it is converted into thermal energy, thereby generating heat. What are the possible consequences of poor heat dissipation of UFO LED high bay lights?

If the heat dissipation of the UFO LED high bay light is not good, the junction temperature of the LED chip will rise rapidly. If the LED high bay lights work at high temperature for a long time, the life of the LED high bay lights will be shortened. Therefore, manufacturers of LED high bay lights are working hard to solve the heat dissipation problem of LED high bay lights, and some manufacturers ignore the heat dissipation problem of the lamps in order to manufacture low-cost LED lamps, so the lamps will soon have problems.

The most important thing in UFO LED lighting is chip and heat dissipation. Heat dissipation will directly affect the stability of lamps and the service life of products, while LED chips can bring better lighting effects and more efficient luminous efficiency.

The main impact of poor heat dissipation on LED lamps is as follows:

1. Shortened lifespan

Poor heat dissipation directly leads to a decrease in the service life of LED lamps. Since LED luminaires convert electricity into visible light, excess electricity during this time is converted into heat. If the design of the heat dissipation structure of the LED lamp is unreasonable, this part of heat energy cannot be quickly eliminated. Therefore, due to the relatively small volume of the LED package, a large amount of heat energy will be accumulated in the LED lamp, resulting in a decrease in lifespan.

2. Affect the quality of lamps and lanterns

When LED lamps with poor heat dissipation are used for a long time, some materials are easy to oxidize. As the temperature of LED lights rises, these materials are repeatedly oxidized at high temperatures, resulting in reduced quality and shortened lifespan.

3. Easy to cause failure

When the temperature of the LED lamp rises, the resistance of the electricity increases, causing the current to increase, and the increase in the current causes the heat to rise. As a result, the heat builds up more and more, which eventually leads to overheating and damage to electronic components, resulting in product failure.

4. Deformation of lamp material

LED lamps are composed of multiple parts, and different parts are made of different materials with different heat resistance. When the temperature rises, some materials will bend due to overheating. If the spacing between adjacent components is too small, both will be crushed and severely damaged.

Poor heat dissipation of LED lamps can cause many problems. Problems with these parts will lead to a decrease in the performance of the entire LED lamp and shorten its service life. Therefore, LED cooling technology is an important technical issue. While improving the LED power conversion rate, the LED heat dissipation structure design should be more effective, so that LED lighting fixtures can get rid of heat dissipation troubles.

How to enhance heat dissipation for UFO LED high bay lights?

To solve the heat dissipation problem of LED high bay lights , it is mainly solved from two aspects: heat dissipation of LED high bay lights and LED chip heat dissipation. The heat dissipation of LED chips is mainly related to the selection and process of substrates and circuits. We mainly introduce the heat dissipation problem of LED industrial and mining lights. Different UFO LED high bay lights will use different heat-conducting materials according to customer needs and costs. For example, our Kemeilai UFO LED high bay light manufacturer has the following types:

1. Aluminum heat sink

This is a common way to dissipate heat, using aluminum fins as part of the case to increase heat dissipation and reduce weight.

2. Using a hydrodynamic enclosure

Use the thermal enclosure design to generate convective air for enhanced heat dissipation.

3. Die-casting aluminum A DC12 for cooling and heat dissipation

This is our latest aluminum die-casting ADC12 UFO LED high bay light, using A DC12 aluminum die-casting material, light weight, small size, better heat dissipation.

The low-priced industrial and mining lamps currently on the market use pure plastic shells. This kind of industrial and mining lamp basically has no heat treatment, and the effect is very poor. The performance and lifespan are not very good, the only feature is the low price. So you need to pay attention to avoid these lighting manufacturers when purchasing.

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