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October 11, 2022

The working principle of infrared sensor light:


The main device of the infrared sensor lamp is the human body pyroelectric infrared sensor.


Human pyroelectric infrared sensor: The human body has a constant body temperature, generally around 37 degrees, so it emits infrared rays with a specific wavelength of about 10UM. The passive infrared probe works by detecting the infrared rays emitted by the human body at about 10UM. The infrared rays of about 10UM emitted by the human body are enhanced by the Fresnel lens filter and then concentrated on the infrared induction source.


Infrared induction sources usually use pyroelectric elements, which lose charge balance when the temperature of the infrared radiation of the human body changes, and release charges outward. After the subsequent circuit is detected and processed, the switching action can be triggered. When someone enters the sensing range of the switch, the special sensor detects the change of the infrared spectrum of the human body, and the switch automatically turns on the load. (Time adjustable TIME: 5-120 seconds) Automatically turn off the load. The induction angle of the infrared sensor switch is 120 degrees, the distance is 7-10 meters, and the delay time is adjustable.


The working principle of touch sensor light:


The working principle of the touch sensor light is that the electronic touch IC is installed inside and the electrode sheet at the touch point of the light forms a control loop.


When the human body touches the sensing electrode, the touch signal is sent to the touch sensing terminal by pulsating DC current to generate a pulse signal, and then the touch sensing terminal will send a trigger pulse signal to control the light to turn on; if you touch it again, the touch signal A pulse signal will be generated by the pulsating DC current and sent to the touch sensing terminal. At this time, the touch sensing terminal will stop sending the trigger pulse signal. When the alternating current crosses zero, the light will naturally go out.


However, sometimes after a power failure or unstable voltage, it will light up by itself. If you touch a paper or cloth with excellent signal reception sensitivity, it can also be controlled.


The working principle of the voice-activated sensor light:


Voice-activated sensor lights mainly rely on voice-activated components. Sound is produced by vibration, sound waves travel in the air, and if they encounter a solid, the vibration will be transmitted to the solid. The voice control element is this kind of material that is sensitive to vibration. When there is sound, it is connected (the resistance becomes smaller), and when there is no sound, it is disconnected (the resistance becomes larger). Then make a delay through the circuit and the chip, so that the circuit can be connected for a period of time when there is sound.


The working principle of light sensor lamp:


The light sensor module first detects the intensity of the light and decides whether to put the modules of the LED infrared sensor light on standby and lock. There are two cases:


1. During the day or when the light is strong, the light sensor module locks the infrared sensor module and the delay switch module according to the sensing value.


2. At night or when the light is relatively dark, the light sensor module puts the infrared sensor module and the delay switch module on standby according to the sensing value.


At this time, if a human body enters the sensing range of the lamp, the infrared sensing module will start and detect the signal, and the signal triggers the delay switch module to turn on the LED infrared sensing light. If the person continues to move within the range, the LED human body sensor light will be always on. When the person leaves the range, there is no infrared sensor signal, and the delay switch automatically turns off the LED infrared sensor light within the time set value. Each module returns to the standby state, waiting for the next cycle.


Working principle of microwave induction lamp:


The main device of the microwave induction lamp is the microwave induction switch, which mainly uses the Doppler effect principle, independently develops the plane antenna transmitting and receiving circuit, intelligently detects the surrounding electromagnetic environment, automatically adjusts the working state, and has a built-in integrated filter circuit, which can effectively suppress high-order harmonics. And other clutter interference, high sensitivity, strong reliability, safety and convenience, intelligent energy saving, is a new and practical energy-saving product. The microwave induction switch can penetrate some non-metallic objects and is especially suitable for hidden installation inside the lamp; so it is widely used, coupled with micro power consumption, sensitive induction, and wide application range. It can be matched with all kinds of ordinary lamps, making it a microwave induction lamp.


The working principle of the image contrast sensor light:


The principle of image comparison: it is used to identify whether there are people or other foreign objects entering the scene, so as to act as an inductive control output device.


The methods used include moving object detection, moving object analysis, moving object classification. In the moving object detection, the background subtraction method is used to detect the moving object. In the moving analysis, the moving analysis table is used to analyze and record the state of the moving object, and the background update speed is changed according to these different moving states. Finally, use The geometric characteristics of the moving objects and the body characteristics of the people classify the moving objects as people or other objects, so that the related lamps can be controlled to be turned on and off.

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