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Working characteristics of LED light source

July 27, 2020

LED light source working characteristics:

The VF voltage of the lighting LED light source is very low, generally VF =2.75-3.8V, IF is 15-1400mA; therefore, the output voltage of the LED driver IC is VF X N or VF X 1, IF constant current is 15-1400mA. There are two types of LED light sources used in LED lamps: low-power (IF=15-20mA) and high-power (IF>200mA)). Low-power LEDs are mostly used for LED fluorescent lamps, decorative lights, and grid lights; high-power LEDs are used for Home lighting, spotlights, underwater lights, wall washer lights, street lights, tunnel lights, car work lights, etc. Power LED light source is a device driven by low voltage and high current. Its luminous intensity is determined by the current flowing through the LED. Excessive current will cause the attenuation of LED light, and too weak current will affect the luminous intensity of LED. The driver needs to provide a constant current power supply to ensure the safety of the high-power LED and achieve the ideal luminous intensity. In the field of LED lighting, to reflect the characteristics of energy saving and long life, it is very important to choose a good LED driver IC. Without a good driver IC match, the advantages of LED lighting cannot be reflected.

LED green lighting promotes the development of driver chips to innovative designs. LED lighting is inseparable from the driver chip, so a multi-function LED light source driver IC is required. LED lamps use AC power supply below 36V to consider non-isolated power supply, such as 220V and 100V AC power supply should consider isolated power supply.

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