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Why does LED lighting need lightning protection

December 30, 2020

With the development of urban economy, there are more and more high-rise buildings and intelligent buildings, and the damage caused by the intrusion of induced thunder and lightning waves has increased significantly. Generally in life, we common thunder and lightning threats have the following 4 types:

1.Direct lightning

Direct lightning contains very large energy, and its voltage can even reach 5000kv at the peak, which is extremely destructive. Direct lightning flows into the ground within a few microseconds, causing the ground potential to become too high quickly, causing a counterattack accident; and the lightning current will generate strong electromagnetic waves and pulse voltages on the power line; when passing through electrical equipment, the lightning current will generate extreme High heat, causing fire.

2.Conductive mine

After the lightning generated in the distance is concentrated on the line, electromagnetic induction will generate extremely high voltage, which will be transmitted to the electrical equipment in the building through the power line and communication line and cause damage to it.

3.induction mine

Inductive thunder is electromagnetic waves generated by the discharge between clouds, which can affect the operation of electrical equipment.



4.Switch overvoltage

The opening and disconnection of inductive and capacitive loads in the power supply system, ground level or short circuit of the power line will generate high-voltage pulses on the power line, and its destructive effect is even similar to that of a lightning strike.

In addition to general buildings, lightning is also a great threat to some outdoor facilities, including LED lighting equipment. Lightning lightning can cause street lights to be damaged, and heavy lightning can cause fire or casualties.

Therefore, LED lighting lightning protection has also become a focus of lightning protection.

Similar to general power supply lightning protection, LED lighting lightning protection also includes both internal and external lightning protection. Internal lightning protection refers to the protection of lighting equipment by grounding and setting voltage protection objects inside the street lamp. The exterior of the LED lighting equipment is made of conductive material, which is equivalent to a lightning rod. Together with the down conductor and the ground net, an external lightning protection system is formed.

Internal lightning protection and external lightning protection complement each other and complement each other. The internal system can prevent the intrusion of induced lightning and other forms of overvoltage, which can cause damage to the power supply; the external system can avoid fire and personal safety accidents caused by direct lightning damage to the LED lighting system.

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