What kinds of lamps are commonly used in urban lighting

December 11, 2020

Urban lighting is also called the Urban Glorious Project. It can greatly improve the overall image of the city. The city is illuminated at night, and many people can come out to play, shop, and relax, which will also stimulate the economic development of the entire city. Next, Ningbo Sunshinelux Lighting Co., Ltd. will tell you about 8 commonly used lamps for urban lighting and lighting

1. Road lights: Roads are the aorta of cities, so lighting is essential. Road lights are lighting equipment installed on the road, mainly to provide night lighting for vehicles and pedestrians. Road lights can significantly improve traffic conditions, increase road lighting requirements, and ensure traffic safety. At the same time, road lights can play a road decoration effect, beautify the city's night scene, and add urban charm.

2. Wall lamp: Energy-saving lamps are generally used as the source of the wall lamp. The wall lamp has a variety of shapes and unique appearance, and is suitable for many places. It is generally placed in residential areas, parks, and stigmas, and has a strong ornamental value. In addition, it has many advantages, simple installation, convenient maintenance and low power consumption.

3. Flood light: LED flood light, also called spotlight, projection light, etc., is mainly used for architectural decoration lighting. It can illuminate in any direction and has a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions. The application places are very wide, such as courtyards, parks, sports fields, and roads. The floodlight is highly decorative, and its shape is round and square, which can be installed according to requirements.



4. Wall washer: Wall washer is also called linear LED flood light, its shape is generally long, the light washes the wall like water, it is mainly used for decorative lighting of building materials, to outline The outline of a large building. The technical parameters of the wall washer are roughly the same as that of the LED flood light. Its energy-saving, high luminous efficiency, and long life characteristics have been recognized by people. The wall washer of other light sources is gradually replaced by the LED wall washer.

5. Courtyard lights: Courtyard lights usually refer to outdoor road lighting fixtures below 6 meters, which are mainly composed of six parts, which are light source, lamps, lamp arms, lamp poles, flanges, and foundation embedded parts. The courtyard lights mainly play a role in beautifying the courtyard.

6. Lawn lights: Lawn lights are lighting facilities provided around the lawn. With its unique shape and soft lighting, it adds safety and beauty to the urban green landscape and has a very strong decorative effect. Parks, garden villas, and pedestrian streets are all good installation locations.

7. Landscape light: Landscape light is an indispensable part of modern landscape. It not only has a high degree of ornamentalness, but also emphasizes the unity and coordination of the light and the surrounding environment. The shapes are different, blending with the surrounding scenery, and the height generally ranges from 3-15 meters.

8. Underground lights: Underground lights are named because they are buried in the ground and used for workers' lighting. Buried lights are LED light sources, buried in the ground, decorative and ornamental, widely used in the field of scientific and technological lighting, are widely used in green belts, government lighting projects, parks, lawns, courtyard lighting, pedestrian streets and other places. Become an irreplaceable outdoor lighting product.

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