What are the safety requirements for warehouse lighting

February 14, 2021

Lamps are items that people use for lighting, which can provide convenience for people's life and work, but different lighting lamps can only be used in specific occasions. For example, warehouses have certain safety requirements for lighting lamps, and some lamps cannot be stored in the warehouse. use. Today, let’s take a look at the safety requirements for warehouse lighting!

Lamp safety requirements "three prohibitions"

(1) Mobile lighting fixtures are not allowed in the warehouse.

(2) Items are not allowed to be stacked under the lighting fixture, and the distance between the vertical bottom and the level of the stored items shall not be less than 0.5 meters.

(3) High-temperature lighting fixtures such as iodine tungsten lamps and incandescent lamps over 60 watts are not allowed in the warehouse. When using fluorescent lamps and other low-temperature lighting fixtures and other flame-proof lighting fixtures, fire protection measures such as heat insulation and heat dissipation should be adopted for the ballast to ensure safety.

Lamp fire safety requirements

(1) Eye-catching fire prevention signs shall be set up inside and outside the warehouse lighting.

(2) The lighting of each warehouse shall be equipped with a switch box outside the warehouse. When the custodian leaves, the switch must be switched off. The use of unqualified insurance devices is prohibited.

(3) It is necessary to make reasonable use of the distribution of light, determine the lighting standards (illuminance standards and lighting quality standards), the selection of lighting fixtures and switch wires.

(4) In order to avoid the increase of maintenance costs in the later period and to ensure timely maintenance and replacement of lamps, warehouse lamps with long life and high stability should be selected.

(5) The warehouse lighting can be activated instantly to avoid excessive delay of the lighting.

(6) In case of fire, all emergency lights of warehouse lighting can be switched to emergency state.

(7) Lighting lamps with dust-proof, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof performance should be used to ensure the safe operation of lamps.

(8) According to the operating time and the different illumination requirements, it can be used as a dual-channel lighting circuit or intelligent dimming control lamps.

(9) Illumination requirements: In order to clearly identify the goods and labels, under normal circumstances, the brightness to the ground should not be less than 80lux, but the specific conditions are analyzed in detail.

Warehouse lighting installation requirements

(1) Before installation, the wires, fasteners and connectors of the lamps must be inspected, and the installation sequence must be clarified.

(2) Check whether the decoration lamps in the workshop have exposed wires or live connection metals, whether the phase wires of each lamp holder enter the center terminal, whether the nylon expansion tube that installs the fixed lamp holder has quality problems, what is the material of the lamp holder, the rated voltage and current of the lamp, How much power and whether the lamp holder's insulating shell is damaged.

(3) The diameter of the expansion pipe and the impact drill must match, and it is strictly forbidden to use wood chips and other materials to line up because the hole is too large.

(4) If the Tianzha is a prefabricated part, it is strictly forbidden to use wooden dowels when the holes meet the prefabricated parts, and hangers must be used.

(5) If no embedded parts are installed, heavy-weight lamps cannot be installed.

(6) If it is a chandelier, the wire or chain must have sufficient strength, and the power cord should not be taut.

(7) The shelf height of the middle-level warehouse is generally 2 meters, and the shelf of the middle-level warehouse is generally 8 meters. Consider the height of the shelves, and install the lamps reasonably.

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