What are the reasons for the failure of solar LED street lights

September 18, 2020

1. Check the controller:


The red light on the controller indicates that it is charging, and the flashing red light indicates that the battery is full, and the controller is charging with a small pulse current. The yellow light of the controller indicates that the battery has lost power and cannot be normally illuminated. At this time, if the battery cable is disconnected and then reconnected, the light will be on. At this time, the controller detects that the battery has been charged for a day and the battery capacity has increased. , Not the floating voltage of the battery.


2. Testing of battery:


It is normal for the battery to charge and discharge under normal conditions. For example, the voltage is above 12V during detection, and the voltage drops in a short period of time after the load is connected, indicating that the battery is damaged; in addition, the battery may cause positive and negative poles when water enters the waterproof case. The short circuit of the battery causes unstable voltage, usually the high voltage is high and sometimes low. The battery discharges excessively due to water ingress and the voltage drops below 10V. At this time, the battery can be used normally after a normal low current cycle of charging and discharging. It needs to be replaced after use. After three years, the lead-acid battery will turn off the solar LED street lights earlier or decrease in rainy days due to the decrease in capacity. This is a normal phenomenon.



3. Detection of solar panels:


If the connection of the solar panel is not very firm, the solar LED street light will not be able to charge normally, and it usually shows that there is voltage but no current. This phenomenon is that the line of the battery board is not connected properly. You can directly use the voltage and current meter to check the data after opening the black electrical cover behind the battery board. If there is no current detected directly from the aluminum plate of the battery board, it means that the battery board has a problem and needs to be replaced.


4. Detection of LED light source:


The light source can work normally when the battery voltage is normal. For example, if the solar LED street light does not light up, you can directly connect the positive and negative poles of the light source to the positive and negative poles of the battery for testing. If the light source can light up, the light source is good. Yes, the controller is not supplying power to the lamps. So you must wait for the battery to be fully charged again; the voltage rises before it can work normally. If the lamp is directly connected to the battery and the lamp does not turn on, it indicates that there is a problem with the light source, and you need to contact the manufacturer for replacement in time.


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