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What are the main types of solar street lights

March 26, 2021

The development of solar street lights has brought us a great sense of security at night. In order to make solar street lights play a better role, we must choose the appropriate category. However, according to different functions and configuration application scenarios, solar street lights can be divided into many types, in order to better communicate with manufacturers and meet your actual lighting needs. The following is a detailed classification and introduction by Ningbo Sunshinelux Lighting Co., Ltd.

1. According to the source of power supply, there are mainly: city circuit lights, solar street lights and wind-solar complementary street lights.

2. Divided by shape: single-arm street light, double-arm street light, and integrated solar street light.

3. According to the height of street lights: high pole lights, middle pole lights, courtyard lights, lawn lights, underground lights.

4. According to the material of street lamp pole: hot-dip galvanized iron street lamp, hot-dip galvanized steel street lamp and stainless steel street lamp.

5. According to the height of solar street lights: 6 meters solar street lights, 7 meters solar street lights, 8 meters solar street lights, 10 meters solar street lights, 12 meters solar street lights, etc. Among them, solar street lights with a height of 6 meters are most common in rural areas and other areas.

6. Divided by light source type: positive white light, warm white light and other LED solar street lights, which can be configured according to customer requirements.

7. According to the working voltage of the solar street lamp circuit system: 12V system, 24V system, 36V system and 48V system. According to the battery type classification can be divided into: lead-acid battery solar street lights and lithium battery solar street lights.

The above classification of solar street lights is shared here. In short, the most important starting point is to clarify your lighting needs. If you really don’t know which type of street light you need, the easiest way is to directly ask the relevant professional solar energy. Lighting manufacturers, such as Ningbo Sunshinelux Lighting Co., Ltd., will answer for you.

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