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What are the factors that affect the service life of solar street lights


With the advancement of national advocacy and environmental protection, the application of solar lamps has become more and more popular, and solar lamps have also become popular products for new street lamps. Sunlight relieves the pressure of lighting, absorbs solar energy during the day and converts it into electricity at night, which is a low-carbon, green and environmentally friendly product. Although solar energy is endless, solar street lights do have a lifespan, so what factors affect the lifespan of solar street lights?

1. Lighting source

Solar street lights generally use LED light sources, which have the characteristics of low light attenuation, long service life, and high brightness. However, many people think that the price is cheap and choose to use other light sources, such as low-pressure sodium lamps, low-pressure fluorescent lamps, etc. These light sources are cheap, but their service life is relatively short and the quality is relatively poor.

Of course, even though they are all using LEDs, the quality and service life of light sources at different prices are also different. LED street lights with better quality can be used for more than 10 years, and ordinary LDE light sources can only be used for 3-5 years.

2. Controller

The controller of the solar street light plays a very important role in the normal operation of the solar street light. It can effectively control the working state of the battery and indirectly protect the solar street light. A good controller must be accurate and stable. Such a controller can control, detect and protect battery components and storage batteries. The stability of controller functions at different prices is also different, and the service life is also different. If you want solar street lights to last longer, you can also buy a better quality controller.

3. Battery

Batteries are the top priority of solar street lights. It is the core of solar energy. Its main function is to store electricity converted from solar energy during the day. If there is a problem with the battery, the solar street light will be affected as a whole. Therefore, when choosing a solar battery, you should choose a battery with relatively stable performance, and pay attention to the battery's waterproof, sun-proof and temperature-resistant function.

4. Launcher

Different starting methods are different. Although solar street lights generally do not have a starter installed, the starter has a greater impact on the light sources of most lighting products, especially LED light sources. Nowadays, constant current source is generally used to drive. The quality of the constant current source and whether the parameter range is suitable for the light source is very important, mainly depending on the constant current accuracy, output parameter efficiency, protection circuit and other parameters.

The above are the factors that affect the service life of solar street lights by Ningbo Sunshinelux Lighting Co., Ltd. In general, the factors that affect the service life of solar street lights are basically the above points. Pay more attention when choosing solar street lights to select the most cost-effective lamps.

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