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What are the effects of workshop lighting on production

February 20, 2021

Now there are more and more standard workshops. There are still many workshops with a height of 10 meters and 12 meters in the manufacturing industry, because the company mainly manufactures intermediate frequency hot bending equipment and 3D metal atomization powder milling equipment, especially after In addition, the overall height of the equipment will be in the range of 8-11 meters, which has high requirements for the floor height of the workshop, and correspondingly increases the requirements for the lighting of the workshop.

The impact of workshop lighting on production

There are still relatively few "light-free workshops", and "light-free workshops" just turn off the light source. Different factories have very different needs for lamps, because the requirements are different, the use environment, duration, height, brightness requirements, and lighting ranges are different, and the selection of lamps will be very different.

We classify from actual use:

If it is necessary to work continuously for a long time, if the lighting is not good, it will take 24 hours to keep the workshop always bright, even if the lighting is good, the good lighting time is less than 12 hours;

There is a need to concentrate on working at one location or even a point, good eyesight, high-intensity eye use, and good lighting will play a considerable auxiliary role in production;

There is a need for overall lighting, mobile operations, and each area must reach a certain brightness.

There is an inseparable relationship between lighting and work efficiency. The quality of lighting directly affects the overall production efficiency. Good lighting will greatly reduce the error rate. Therefore, when designing factory lighting illuminance, reasonable lighting calculations and lighting arrangements should be made according to the corresponding lighting standards and actual site needs to ensure a certain level of lighting and reduce the productivity drop caused by insufficient lighting.

Through reasonable lighting scheme design and selection of suitable lighting lamps, not only can save energy, but also can greatly improve the work efficiency and comfort of workers.

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