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What are the characteristics of LED street lights

September 30, 2020

LED street lights refer to street lights made with LED light sources. LED is light emitting diode, which is also the abbreviation for light emitting diode, made of compounds containing gallium (Ga), arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N), etc. . It is a type of semiconductor diode that can convert electrical energy into light energy.

Practicality of LED lamps. Compared with incandescent bulbs and neon lamps, LED lamps are characterized by low working voltage, some only a few volts; working current is very small, and some can emit light with only a few tenths of a milliamp; Good impact resistance and seismic performance, high reliability and long life; the intensity of light can be easily modulated by modulating the intensity of the current. Ningbo Sunshinelux Lighting Co., Ltd. also has new breakthroughs in intelligent light control, intelligent power adjustment, induction lighting, effectively reducing energy consumption, intelligent lighting, intelligent dimming, and opening up the intelligent era of outdoor lighting.



LED street light lamps dissipate heat. The light-emitting diode of the LED light source is the same as an ordinary diode. It is composed of a PN junction and also has unidirectional conductivity. Solving the heat dissipation problem is an effective and direct means to improve the conversion efficiency of electric energy. Ningbo Sunshinelux Lighting Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of LED outdoor lamps.

LED street lamp light source, luminous efficiency is the ratio of luminous flux to electric power, the unit is generally lm/W. Luminous efficiency represents the energy-saving characteristics of the light source, which is an important indicator to measure the performance of modern light sources. Ningbo Sunshinelux Lighting Co., Ltd. continuously digs into the overall performance of the light source to increase efficiency, and researches multiple sets of technical solutions in the field of COB integrated light source and patch light source to improve the light efficiency of the light source and the technical stability of the light source.

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