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What are the advantages of solar street lights for road lighting

November 20, 2020

During the day, under the control of the intelligent controller, the solar panel absorbs the solar light and converts it into electrical energy under the control of the intelligent controller during the day. The solar cell module charges the battery pack during the day, and the battery pack provides power to the LED light source at night to achieve lighting Features.

The advantages of solar street lights mainly include the following:

1. Environmental protection and energy saving. Solar street lights are non-radiation and pollution-free, and are in line with the trend of green environmental protection in the world. The principle of solar street lights is to use natural light sources in nature, that is, solar light sources, to generate electricity, thereby reducing electrical energy consumption.

2. Safe and durable. Street lights are divided into solar street lights and city circuit lights. The city circuit lights may have power supply failures, material aging and other reasons, which may cause safety hazards. The production technology of solar cell assembly developed by high-quality manufacturers is sufficient to ensure that the performance will not decline for more than ten years, and the solar cell modules can generate electricity for more than ten years.



3. Higher high-tech content. The solar street lamp is controlled by an intelligent controller, and the brightness of the street lamp can be automatically adjusted according to the brightness requirements of the environment, and the technical content is relatively high.

4. Low maintenance cost. In some remote areas, it is very expensive to maintain and repair the power transmission and conventional power generation equipment on the street lights, while the solar street lights only require periodic inspections and a small amount of maintenance, and the cost is relatively low.

5. Easy to install components. The installation is simple and convenient, and it is convenient for users to choose the configuration of solar street lights according to their own needs.

The solar street lights of Ningbo Sunshinelux Lighting Co., Ltd. have stable performance and reliable quality. We can provide customized solutions for the lighting of different places in different regions.

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