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What are the advantages of solar integrated street lights

July 27, 2021

According to incomplete statistics, the cost of maintaining and using street lights in China is as high as hundreds of millions of dollars each year, which is a huge number. The main expenditure in the cost comes from the electricity bill, which is as high as 90% of the total cost. However, solar street lights can completely save this part of consumer expenditure. Solar integrated street lights can convert heat energy into electrical energy for lighting, saving a lot of electrical energy consumption. In addition, solar integrated street lights are more durable, so maintenance costs will be reduced, and overall road lighting expenditures will also be reduced, thereby promoting better development of the country.

With the continuous changes in policies and the gradual advocacy of energy saving and emission reduction, solar lamps will gradually develop to replace municipal street lamps. However, many people are constrained by traditional thinking and feel that they should not replace traditional street lights and continue to maintain their previous state.

So what are the advantages of integrated solar street lights compared to traditional city circuit lights?

In terms of transportation costs, the transportation cost of ordinary street lights is significantly higher than that of solar integrated street lights during the transportation process. And a lot of costs will increase. Solar integrated street lights are easily affected by the weather and environment during use, and their stability can now be changed through technology and control methods. Ordinary lamps need to consume a lot of electricity during use, while solar integrated lamps do not require additional electricity bills and have a longer service life. Solar integrated street lights are more independent during operation and are easier to control under the condition of rapid development of science and technology.

The development of a city is inseparable from solar smart street lights. Street lamps not only carry light but are also the entrance to building human wisdom and a better life. They not only illuminate the road of urban construction, but also point the direction for urban builders.

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