The reason why the lighting time of solar lights is getting shorter and shorter

March 05, 2021

Solar street lights mainly have five components, among which the quality of solar cells and solar panels is the key to the normal operation of street lights. Therefore, as long as one of the parts fails, the street light will be difficult to operate normally, especially these two vital components will even damage the entire set of solar lighting lamps.

So why is the blinking time of the solar lamp shorter and shorter than the previously set blinking time? The following Ningbo Sunshinelux Lighting Co., Ltd. will provide you with an in-depth analysis according to the specific situation:

1. Check whether there are any obstructions on the solar panels for solar power generation, such as tree branches, dust and snow in winter, etc. will reduce the efficiency of solar panels to absorb sunlight, thereby affecting the lighting time of solar lights.

2. Check whether the solar controller is damaged. The lighting time of the street lamp is mainly set by the controller. If the time is unstable, consider whether the controller fails to enter the water and needs to replace the control board. The latter adjusts the setting of the controller.

3. Check whether the battery is worn out. Although the battery shell is moisture-proof, street lights, as outdoor products, will inevitably be affected by wind and sun. The battery's storage capacity will undoubtedly decrease, so the lighting time of solar lights will become shorter and shorter.

For this reason, Ningbo Sunshinelux Lighting Co., Ltd. recommends that you do not blindly pursue low prices when buying solar lights. Ignoring the quality of street lights, inferior product street lights will cause some unnecessary problems in the early stage, and even affect the normal operation of street lights.

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