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The main differences between traditional bulbs and LED lights

January 08, 2021

Lamps are household items that everyone needs to use in their homes, but many people don’t know the difference between the current LED bulbs and the traditional bulbs. Which one has a longer period of use and is better for eyesight. Is there any harm?

Incandescent lamp, commonly known as tungsten filament lamp, is a kind of lamp that uses electric resistance to heat a thin filament (usually tungsten filament) to incandescence to emit light. The periphery of the incandescent bulb is made of glass, which keeps the filament under vacuum or low-pressure inert gas to prevent the filament from oxidizing under high temperature.

Heat is generated when current passes through the filament (tungsten filament, melting point is more than 3000 degrees Celsius), and the spiral filament continues to gather heat, making the temperature of the filament above 2000 degrees Celsius. When the filament is in an incandescent state, it looks like red iron energy. It emits light as it glows.

The life of an incandescent lamp is related to the temperature of the filament, because the higher the temperature, the easier it is for the filament to sublimate. The blackening process at both ends of the lamp is: the sublimation of the tungsten filaments directly turns into tungsten gas. When the tungsten gas encounters the lamp tube wall with a lower temperature, it condenses on the lamp tube wall and turns black. When the tungsten filament sublimates to a relatively thin When you are thin, it is easy to burn out after power on, thus ending the life of the lamp, so the damage rate of the incandescent lamp is very high.

LEDs are solid-state light-emitting elements made of semiconductor materials, which convert electrical energy into light. The principle is to use the combination of electrons and holes, and the excess energy is released in the form of light to achieve the effect of luminescence, which belongs to cold luminescence. However, although the LED bulb emits cold light, the surface of the bulb is not hot, but in order to convert electricity into light, a heat sink must be installed. But the life span of LED bulbs is much longer than other bulbs, which is his biggest feature.



As for the life of the energy-saving bulb, because its principle is the same as that of a fluorescent lamp, it will have the problem of light decay. After one year of use, it will become less and less bright, and it is prone to failure when encountering moisture. It is recommended not to install it in the bathroom or kitchen. Wait for places that are prone to moisture. As for the LED bulb, because it has a heat sink, it is not suitable for installation in a closed lampshade.

LED light source products are different from traditional light bulbs. The light emitted contains more blue wavelength light, and blue wavelength light can cause harm to humans. According to the assessment reports made by the European Union of Lighting Companies (ELC) and the European Association of Lighting Manufacturers (CELMA), which represent the European lighting industry, the level of photobiological safety of LED lamps is no different from traditional tungsten bulbs and tubes. Comparing products with the same color temperature, the proportion of blue light contained in the light emitted by LED lights is no different from lighting products using other light-emitting technologies.

LED was born to replace traditional light bulbs and lighting, so basically household light sources can be replaced by light sources that we can see. Basically, household light bulb holders can be divided into E27, E17, E14, and E12. Generally, the sockets of light bulbs are shared.

The luminous efficiency of LED lamps is higher than that of incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. In theory, they have a long life span and can emit up to 100,000 hours. Actual products are basically 30,000-50,000 hours. It is enough for household use; no ultraviolet and infrared radiation ; Contains no pollution elements such as lead and mercury. It has obvious advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and health.

The traditional incandescent lamp is closest to sunlight and has good color rendering index 99-100; the price is cheap. Although traditional incandescent lamps are low in price and good in color rendering, they consume a lot of power and have a short lifespan. Most of the electric energy is used for heating, and the performance is far lower than that of the new generation of new light sources. It has been asked to gradually withdraw from the market.

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