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The differences between solar integrated street lights and traditional solar street lights

September 27, 2020

Solar integrated street light:

Advantages: beautiful appearance, good product integrity, price advantage, convenient transportation and installation, can achieve a certain lighting effect, basically work with the controller's timing dimming function or the controller's human body sensing function, battery It adopts lithium battery for power supply, which has good charge cycle and deep discharge characteristics.

Disadvantages: Because the main consideration is the integrity and convenient transportation and installation, the corresponding battery panel and battery capacity are sacrificed, and the lighting effect in the main road may not be able to meet customer needs.



Traditional solar street light:

Advantages: Because of the split structure, the design and calculation parameters are carried out according to different regions, and the capacity of the battery panels and storage batteries are effectively guaranteed. The lighting control design can be carried out according to the needs of customers to meet the lighting needs of customers on different occasions.

Disadvantages: The recyclability of colloidal batteries is worse than that of lithium batteries. The split structure design greatly increases the transportation and installation costs, and the cost of the finished product rises more.

In summary, if you are lighting on non-important roads in rural areas and towns, it is recommended to use solar integrated lighting fixtures. If you are lighting important roads or have certain requirements for lighting effects, it is recommended to consider traditional solar lighting methods (you can also find Solar integrated light program).

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