The composition and working principle of led street lights

August 27, 2020

Led street lights are mainly composed of lamp holders and lamp poles, which can be divided into chips, gold wires, brackets, colloids and glues. The reason why street lights can illuminate stably is the effect of these components and configurations complementing each other. So what exactly do they play? Let's take a look with the editor below.

1. Chip

Function: used to make led street lights to shine and illuminate.

2. Gold thread

Function: Connect the chip and the bracket to connect the circuit.

3. Bracket

Function: Lead the current to the chip and take out the heat generated by the chip. And can adjust the light-emitting angle.

4. Colloid

Function: Protect the fragile chip and gold wire system, and adjust the light-emitting angle of the led street lamp.

5. Glue

Function: It is divided into conductive silver glue or non-conductive glue. As the name implies, the conductive function is to stick the chip on the support and conduct it. The function of non-conductivity is to stick the chip to the support and provide insulation.

By understanding the functions and characteristics of each structure of led street lights, you can also effectively help yourself better use and maintain street lights. Why do you say that, mainly when a street lamp fails, it can be reflected in a timely manner according to the fault phenomenon caused to which configuration part has a problem that caused the street lamp to lose this function, so that the problem can be quickly found and solved in time, reducing the failure Damage effects of street lights.

working principle:

Led street lights use the photovoltaic effect principle of solar cells. During the day, the solar cells absorb solar photon energy to generate electricity, which is stored in the battery through the controller. When night falls or the brightness around the lamp reaches a certain value, the controller will discharge by itself Operate to turn on the street light to start lighting. Therefore, when purchasing in different regions, you must pay special attention to whether the system design ideas and key points are in line with the actual local conditions.


1. The LED street light device should always be installed on a sunny day. If it is installed on a cloudy or rainy day, it will only consume power and not charge after the light is turned on, which will not meet the drawing requirements. The street light should not be turned on on the day after the installation.

2. The viewpoint of the street lamp battery panel is usually depicted by the manufacturer at an inclination angle of 45 degrees to ensure a better charging capacity in winter.

3, the connection of led street light controller. Waterproof controllers should be used as much as possible to ensure long-term stability and prevent users from changing the lighting time at will. If a non-waterproof controller is used, bend the wiring into a U-shape because the terminal is facing downwards, which can prevent water from entering the controller from the line.

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