The advantages of lighting system

June 05, 2020

Among the advantages of lighting system, the control of energy-saving model, intelligent dimming control, natural light control combined with photo sensitivity and infrared sensor are needed to meet the needs of various scenes, and the lighting area and related lighting scenes are distinguished. While resisting the surge wave of power grid, a series of intelligent lighting control is realized, so as to control lighting equipment and protect light Source. In the field of intelligent control of indoor lighting, the energy-saving rate of lighting can reach 15% ~ 75%, and the life of light source can be prolonged by 2 ~ 4 times.

In the field of road lighting, according to the current control level, the general energy saving rate is about 10% ~ 15%, and the slightly better one is about 30%. Reasonable choice of lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns are mainly to meet the human needs of the brightness of the environment, so the need for a reasonable and perfect distribution of light. This requires that the luminaire should not produce noisy light and light reflection on the basis of efficiency.

How to improve the efficiency, we should not only pay attention to the material selection of the lamps, but also pay attention to the calculation of the light scattering range of the lamps, so as to achieve the satisfactory effect of the use of lamps need to go through strict calculation. In the lighting design of the building, first calculate the room height, area, indoor lighting range, and take into account the reflection factors of various indoor items, including the wall mirror, so as to select suitable lamps and lanterns. The selection of lamps and lanterns has a great impact on lighting energy saving.

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