Teach you how to buy LED street lights


How to buy LED street lights? Professionals mainly look […]

How to buy LED street lights?

Professionals mainly look at three internal points: 1. Quality of lamp beads 2. Quality of driving power 3. Quality of heat sink

Ordinary consumers look at the outside:

1. The product has been guaranteed for several years. It is better to dare to guarantee three years than two years and one year.

2. It is better to see if the product has certification or test report.

3. It depends on the appearance, workmanship and exquisiteness of the product. Focus on the radiator, nothing else can be opened. There are three types of radiator processes: inserting FIN, car aluminum and cast aluminum, inserting FIN is the best. This kind of process makes high-quality aluminum fins heat sink, which is light and beautiful in heat dissipation. The worst is cast aluminum, which has large thermal resistance and poor heat dissipation effect (this is the main factor for the lamp bead decay and the brightness of the lamp in the future), and it is heavy and unsightly.

4. Look at the parameters: lamp efficiency, luminous efficiency, power factor, lumen value, etc.