• The advantages of lighting system


    Among the advantages of lighting system, the control of energy-saving model, intelligent dimming control, natural light control combined with photo sensitivity and infrared sensor are needed to meet t...

  • Advantages of LED street lights


    1. The characteristics of the LED street lamp itself-the unidirectional light, no diffusion of light, to ensure the lighting efficiency. 2. The LED street lamp has a unique secondary optical design, w...

  • Hong Kong International Lighting Exhibition


    Summarize experience and develop ideas. At this Hong Kong show, the products we show are the best products that have been improved over the course of the year; these products have been improved with d...

  • Guangdong International Lighting Exhibition


    During the four-day exhibition, we showed our customers the latest products, the most classic products and the most popular products, including floodlights/street lights/high bay lights/wall lamps. Al...