• Causes of led street light fading phenomenon


    Some LED street lamps often have light decay in practical applications. What is light decay? The light attenuation is the full name of the light attenuation effect, which means that the light intensit...

  • After installing led street lights, how to maintain


    After installing the LED street lights, in addition to ensuring that the street lights can be used normally, follow-up maintenance work must be done so that the street lights can provide long-term and...

  • The composition and working principle of led street lights


    Led street lights are mainly composed of lamp holders and lamp poles, which can be divided into chips, gold wires, brackets, colloids and glues. The reason why street lights can illuminate stably is t...

  • What are the particularities of solar street lights


    Solar street light is a typical independent photovoltaic power generation system. This is only one aspect of the problem. What is more serious is that it is also a seasonal load that increases with th...

  • Teach you how to buy LED street lights


    How to buy LED street lights? Professionals mainly look at three internal points: 1. Quality of lamp beads 2. Quality of driving power 3. Quality of heat sink Ordinary consumers look at the outside: 1...

  • Why is the volume of LED lamps larger than traditional lamps?


    Generally speaking, why is the volume of LED lamps larger than traditional lamps? Mainly because of LED cooling technology. Heat dissipation is a major factor affecting the lighting intensity of LED l...