• How to adjust the lighting time of led solar street lights


    The lighting time of led solar street lights is very smart, controlled by the intensity of sunlight (unmanually controlled), usually at 7-8 in summer, and at 5-6 in winter. There are generally three c...

  • The main differences between traditional bulbs and LED lights


    Lamps are household items that everyone needs to use in their homes, but many people don’t know the difference between the current LED bulbs and the traditional bulbs. Which one has a longer period of...

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    With the development of urban economy, there are more and more high-rise buildings and intelligent buildings, and the damage caused by the intrusion of induced thunder and lightning waves has increase...

  • The main classification of LED energy-saving lamps


    There are many varieties of LED energy-saving lamps, and there are basically three types on the market: Type 1: LED energy-saving lamps made of cap-shaped low-power LEDs, the power supply adopts a res...

  • Detection of lifting LED energy-saving lamps


    Inspection process First, we must eliminate false faults. There are intermittent flashes after turning off the light, which is not a quality problem of the light. The main reason is that the electrica...

  • What kinds of lamps are commonly used in urban lighting


    Urban lighting is also called the Urban Glorious Project. It can greatly improve the overall image of the city. The city is illuminated at night, and many people can come out to play, shop, and relax,...