• Several advantages of solar street light


    solar street light can be popularized so quickly because it has many incomparable advantages compared with ordinary lights: Energy saving: Because solar street light is free of electricity charges and...

  • What does CCT and LED color temperature K mean in LED lights?


    CCT is the abbreviation of correlated colour temperature, which means the correlated colour temperature of LED lamps. Color temperature is a measure of the light color of a light source. It was first ...

  • How to choose the solar flood lights?


    The purchase of solar lamps is a popular choice nowadays. People have a full understanding of the advantages of solar lamps, so how to choose solar flood lights? 1. Look at the weight: the 100w of the...

  • What are the types of high bay light?


    High bay light can be divided into general lighting and local lighting according to their bright functions. Generally, the lighting lamps are usually arranged evenly on the top or side walls of the wo...

  • What is CRI in Work light ?


    Color rendering index (CRI) is a common parameter in the field of lighting technology. It refers to the measurement of the degree of color conformity, that is, the degree of color fidelity, when an ob...

  • Led flood light is suitable for the stadium?


    Yes. Flood light are lamps that specify that the illumination on the illuminated surface is higher than that of the surrounding environment . Mainly used for large-area mines, building outlines, stadi...