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How to maintain solar street lights

October 16, 2020

In the event of strong winds and heavy rains, check the solar panels to avoid damage. The lighting surface of the solar panel should be kept clean frequently. If there is dust or other dirt, it should be rinsed with clean water first, and then lightly dried with a clean gauze. Do not rinse with hard objects or corrosive solvents.


For battery packs matched with solar panels, strictly follow the battery maintenance methods to avoid water ingress into the battery. Regularly check the wiring of the electrical system of solar street lights to avoid loosening of the wiring, and regularly check the grounding resistance of solar street lights. When purchasing solar street lights, you must choose a reliable manufacturer.



Outdoor LED street lighting products have been developed for 7-10 years, and a variety of lighting products are emerging one after another. Customers have gradually changed from the initial single luminous effect perception to light performance, color temperature, and secondary light distribution performance. In the comprehensive performance evaluation, the secondary light distribution performance is getting more and more attention from customers.


The secondary light distribution of LED lamps refers to the use of high borosilicate glass lenses or PC lenses to perform secondary optical light distribution processing of the nearly 120° light pattern generated by the LED chip to achieve more efficient use of light, so as to meet the requirements of different applications. Light needs.


The conventional street lamp secondary light distribution technology is to illuminate with a batwing-shaped spot, so that the illuminated area can achieve a nearly rectangular light distribution requirement, and meet the road width and spacing in the use of street lamps, but the uniformity of illuminance and brightness in the light distribution It is a different index performance. From the current customer situation, the brightness uniformity has gradually replaced the illuminance uniformity.


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