How to improve the brightness of solar street lights

April 30, 2021

At present, the national level actively advocates energy conservation and emission reduction, and actively adopts new energy sources. Therefore, solar street lights are widely used, and solar street lights have become a major application of new energy. However, many users have reported that the brightness of the solar street lights purchased is not enough, so how to improve the brightness of the solar street lights?

1. Determine the brightness of the street light before buying

Before buying solar street lights, especially for large-volume purchases, it is best to choose manufacturers with factories and more reliable brands, and it is best to visit the factory in person. If you determine the manufacturer, you must talk to the other party about the brightness requirements. If you don't have much idea about this brightness, you can ask the other party to make reasonable configuration recommendations based on your usage scenarios.

If the need for brightness is high, the size of the LED light source should be larger. There are also some manufacturers who will choose the most suitable solution for you out of your own consideration. If you don't need to be particularly bright according to your actual situation, you can also listen to the manufacturer's suggestions.

2. Is there any plant shelter

Because the energy generated by solar street lights comes from direct sunlight, once the solar panels are blocked by green plants, it will limit the conversion of electricity and directly cause the brightness of the solar street lights to fail to meet the requirements. If this happens, it must be According to the actual situation, adjust the height or placement position of the solar street light pole and the orientation of the solar panel so that the solar panel is no longer blocked.

3. The installation height is too high

Another possibility is that the installation height of solar street lights is too high, exceeding the recommended installation height, and the light irradiated by the street lights is difficult to reach the ground. In this case, it is recommended to increase the power of solar panels and light sources on the basis of the original height. Reduce the height of the light pole while not affecting traffic and walking.

4. Regular inspection

After many solar energy projects are installed, there will be long-term lack of operation and management. Although it is difficult to take care of solar energy by a dedicated person, it also requires regular inspections. If the damage is found, repair it in time. If the solar panel has not been cleaned for too long, wipe the solar panel occasionally.

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