How to identify the quality of led flood light

July 03, 2020

The flood light can play a very good decorative role in various construction equipment lighting and commercial space lighting. Because the lamp is used more outdoors, only under the hard quality can the use effect and life be ensured. So, how to recognize

What about the quality of the flood light? ?

How to identify the quality of flood light

First, identify with a multimeter

The projector manufacturer with high reliability has several balls placed on the bulb during manufacturing. In order to ensure the predetermined power, the brightness is also high according to the chip size. If you want to know whether the quality of speculative lights meets the requirements, you can

Use the Baigan meter to measure the speculative lamp to confirm whether the actual output power reaches a certain value.

Second, identify according to closedness

Because there are many special things in the use of speculative lamps, it is inevitable that the wind will be encountered outdoors. The quality of the waterproof performance will affect the life of the floodlight. If the sealed floodlight has good waterproof performance, it will not be easy to enter the water

. Under normal circumstances, the sealed flood light can be seen that the quality of the light box is better. There is also a sealed container with a high height.

Third, by weight

Because some energy is converted into thermal energy when using a flood light, heat dissipation needs good heat dissipation, otherwise greater safety problems may occur. Therefore, the high-quality projection lamp housing is fully used, and the heat dissipation plate also becomes thicker

Large body weight. If the two satellites are the same power, which quality is good, which weight is good, the weight of the feel will become lighter.

When choosing a floodlight, when everyone is confused about what to buy, the quality can be identified by the three methods described above. Among the many speculative lamp products, you can find the projected lamp with guaranteed quality. High quality

The lamp is installed and used to fully play its role, and the life will be longer.

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