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How to ensure the quality of LED street lamp products

October 22, 2020

LED street lights have a long service life, so many customers are more concerned about the quality of LED street lights and whether they are durable. The following are related quality control issues from the analysis of light source quality and lamp quality.

First of all, the quality of the light source must be reliable. As a luminous body, its quality verification affects the LED street light lighting. The LED street light source developed and manufactured by the regular manufacturer can be used for about three to five years, and it has a strong ability to resist natural disasters.

The quality of LED street lamps is very important. How to identify low-quality LED street lamps?



First of all, the light-emitting chips of inferior LED street lights are inferior products, which is reflected in the luminous efficiency. The luminous efficiency of a single chip is 90LM/W, and the efficiency of the whole lamp is even lower, generally below 80LM/W. Now the large-brand light-emitting chips are at least If it is 140LM/W or more, this is incomparable. Some people say that low efficiency does not matter and it can be bright. They don’t know that it will bring about a large amount of heat generation. Over time, the light decay will expand rapidly, and it will not take a year or two. Basic needs are scrapped.

Secondly, the selection of the drive power supply. Due to the different selection of accessories, the price of the power supply of the same specification is too large, and the service life will vary greatly. Low-priced power supplies generally start to be damaged in a large area after two years, but high-quality power supplies generally have a warranty of more than 5 years and a service life of more than 7, 8 years. The maintenance cost is greatly reduced. Thirdly, the design and materials of the radiator are also critical. The heat dissipation design of a good lamp is scientific and reasonable, heat dissipation is fast, the temperature rise of long-term lighting does not change much, and the hand is not hot, but the cost is reduced. It will be hot, it will also affect the normal power of the lamp, and will accelerate the light decay of the lamp.

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