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How to ensure the brightness of solar street lights

February 06, 2021

Since the advent of solar street lights, it has been favored by many users, but there are always people who say that solar street lights are not as bright as traditional street lights. In fact, some aspects of optimization of solar street lights can improve its brightness, so what do we need to do in detail? What?

1. If you want solar street lights to be brighter, you must choose a suitable positive and negative alloy formula and active material ratio to make the battery more suitable for the application characteristics of energy storage battery cycle charging and discharging.

2. The colloidal electrolyte plan can effectively suppress the rust removal of active materials and the sulfation of the plates, which can delay the performance degradation of the battery during use, and greatly improve the battery's deep charge and discharge cycle life.

3. If solar street lights are installed at both ends of the road, it must be considered whether there are beautifying plants at both ends of the road. Because solar street lights mainly rely on absorbing solar energy and converting them into electricity to power the street lights, once they are blocked by green plants, the conversion of electricity will It will directly cause the brightness of the solar street light to fail to meet the requirements. If this happens, the height of the pole of the solar street light must be adjusted according to the actual situation, so that the solar panel is no longer blocked.



4. Timely check whether the conditions of the various components of the solar street light are normal, and the damaged place must be repaired in time, so as to ensure the brightness of the solar street light and the service life of the solar street light. Another important point is to ensure that the solar panels are clean, and to wipe the surface of the solar panels regularly to improve the conversion between solar energy and electricity.

5. Confirm the brightness of the street lights before purchasing. It is best to investigate the manufacturers before buying solar street lights. Only a strong enough solar street light manufacturer can produce high-quality solar street lights and will also be guaranteed after sale. If confirmed, the manufacturer must inform the brightness requirements according to their own conditions.

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