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How to detect the quality of solar street lights

July 22, 2021

Solar street lights are powered by crystalline silicon solar batteries, maintenance-free lithium batteries, and ultra-bright LED lamp beads as the light source. They are controlled by an intelligent charge and discharge controller. There is no need to lay cables, avoid trenching and wiring costs, and no electricity bills. Now the sun lights In the field of outdoor lighting, it occupies an increasing proportion. However, since there has been no specific industry standard in the photovoltaic lighting market, many consumers do not understand how to choose good quality solar lamps.

1. Looking at the overall street lamp is to see whether the shape and workmanship of the solar street lamp are excellent, and whether there are skew defects. This is the most intuitive way to choose a solar street lamp.

2. The storage battery depends on whether the storage battery is a special battery for energy storage. Nowadays, many companies use the starting power source to pretend to be the energy storage battery, which greatly reduces the service life of solar street lights.

3. Choose a solar street light manufacturer with a well-known big brand, which has better guarantees in all aspects

4. It is very important whether the components comply with the specifications, because if the specifications do not comply, it is very likely that the internal circuit of the street light will be short-circuited, so be sure to check whether the specifications of all components are compliant and proper.

5. To understand the components, there are relatively more detailed types of components, mainly including solar panels, solar batteries, solar controllers, light sources and other corresponding components. The raw materials, color difference, charging current, open circuit voltage, conversion power and other factors of the photovoltaic panel should be considered. When selecting a battery, it is necessary to understand the detailed type and working environment. When selecting the controller, you should also understand the waterproof function.

6. The light source, the use of good quality lamp beads, the lamp beads directly affect the illuminance and stability of the lamp, which is extremely important.

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