How to deal with the leakage of solar street lights

April 15, 2021

Nowadays, the development of solar street lights is getting better and better, gradually replacing traditional street lights. Because it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and saves manpower and material resources, solar street lights are very popular in urban and rural areas. Especially in rural areas, solar street lights are undoubtedly the best choice due to relatively imperfect facilities.

But with the advent of the rainy season, street lights will inevitably have water leakage problems. So how to deal with the water leakage of solar street lights?

The test method is to test the various parameters of the solar street light system and analyze the cause of the failure. The solar street light controller is generally installed in the light pole. In rain or snow, it is easy to cause the controller to short-circuit. Usually during the day to check whether there is voltage and current output when the battery panel is working. If there is no current or voltage, the battery board is damaged, and the battery board needs to be replaced.

If there is no problem in the above situation, check the light source and only connect the light source power to see if the light source is bright. If the system lights up for a short period of time, it is generally because the storage capacity of the battery is reduced. At this time, the battery should be replaced. When the system lights are flashing, first check whether the circuit has bad contacts.

Another method is surface treatment. Use an angle grinder to remove the scale on the surface of the street lamp water leakage, then clean the surface with an electric grinder weld, then clean the exposed metal with sandpaper, and then thoroughly clean the surface with absolute ethanol. Harmonize the repair materials evenly until there is no color difference with the integrated solar street light.

Solar street lights are used for outdoor lighting, often encounter high temperature and rain, low temperature rain and snow, and solar street light controllers are usually installed in the poles, which can easily cause water to enter the controller to short-circuit. If it is very likely that the controller is damaged and no battery voltage measurement is performed, such as a 12V solar street light power supply system, if the battery voltage is lower than 10.8V, the battery does not store electricity and needs to be replaced. Then check whether the battery panel has voltage and current output under normal working conditions.

The above methods for dealing with the leakage of solar street lights are shared here. Nowadays, solar street lights are becoming more and more important and popular in modern cities and urban construction. Although solar street lights still have some shortcomings, solar street lights are not prone to water leakage, and even if the water leaks, it will not threaten human life because it uses direct current.

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