How to choose the right controller for solar street light system

November 06, 2020

Solar street lights are more and more indispensable in the field of urban and township construction because of their prominent role in energy saving and consumption reduction. The price of solar led street lights sold on the market varies because of the different configurations of solar street lights.

The configuration of the solar street light must first determine the power of the lamp, generally 30-60 watts for rural road lighting, and more than 60 watts for urban roads. However, it is not recommended to use solar power for LED lamps with more than 120 watts. The configuration is too high, the cost is high, and many problems will occur later.

Then select the appropriate solar panels and batteries according to the lamp power and sunshine hours. This requires scientific calculation to obtain the parameters, and finally adjusts according to the lighting duration and whether it is running at full power, so that the appropriate solar street lamp configuration can be obtained.

The controller in the solar street light system is the core accessory that connects the battery, battery panel, and LED lamps. To make the solar street light system operate normally, you must choose a controller that matches the system.



Matching of controller and battery board. The maximum voltage and maximum charging current that the controller solar end bears are greater than the maximum open circuit voltage and maximum charging current of the solar panel, which requires the power of the solar panel to be within the range that the controller can withstand.

Matching of controller and battery. Select or set the appropriate controller according to the battery type (lithium battery or gel battery) (the lithium battery system must set the controller overshoot and overdischarge voltage according to the lithium battery voltage parameters). Select the appropriate controller according to the battery voltage parameters (12V/24V) (some controllers only support 12V battery systems).

Matching of controller and LED lamps. Choose the appropriate controller according to the type of lamp: step-up cross-current controller, step-down cross-current controller, constant voltage controller, etc. Then select the controller (output voltage range, output power range, load current setting range) that meets the requirements of the output electrical parameters according to the LED lamp power, working voltage, and current.

The size and operating environment temperature of the controller should also meet the installation requirements and operating environment of the lamp.

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