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How to choose solar lamp holders to reduce the probability of failure

March 11, 2021

In the past, the long power supply line, large power supply radius, and low power supply voltage of traditional city circuit lights made it almost difficult to advance the power supply project. The rural solar lamps do not need to generate electricity, and the sun is enough. The solar lamps are simple and convenient to set up in the rural areas. However, when maintaining the sun lamp, we often encounter the situation that the street lamp does not turn on, and most of it is caused by the failure or damage of the sun lamp holder. So how to choose the sun lamp holder to reduce the probability of failure? Mainly pay attention to the following three aspects:

1. The quality of LED chips. The quality of LED chips on the market varies from good to bad. Some LED chips are of poor quality and low price and have a short service life. When choosing LEDs, try to choose high-quality, big-brand lamps, such as the solar street lamps of Fujian Zhongyi Solar Technology Co., Ltd., all of which are made from Japan. Sub-lamp beads have the advantages of ultra-long life, ultra-low heat generation, and rapid heat generation.

2. Power drive. Solar street lights need to convert the high voltage of the mains power to low voltage through the driving power supply, and this link has a greater test of the power supply performance, and the service life can be guaranteed by choosing high-quality power products.

3. Heat dissipation performance. If the heat dissipation performance of the solar street lamp head is not good, the internal heat of the solar street lamp head is too high, which will easily lead to the damage of the LED chip and the phenomenon of non-lighting. When choosing the lamp head, you should choose a lighting product with good heat dissipation.

The above information on how to choose a solar street lamp to reduce the probability of failure is shared here. There are many reasons for the failure of solar street lamps. In addition to the purchase of lamp holders, other aspects such as batteries and controllers should also be paid attention to.

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