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How to adjust the lighting time of led solar street lights

January 15, 2021

The lighting time of led solar street lights is very smart, controlled by the intensity of sunlight (unmanually controlled), usually at 7-8 in summer, and at 5-6 in winter. There are generally three control methods for the turn-off time of led solar street lights.


1. Light control, light control means that the light is controlled only by light. After installation, there is no need to adjust the light on and off time according to the season. It will automatically turn off during the day and turn on at night. This kind of light control is now widely used in lithium-ion solar street lights, and the cost is slightly higher than other control methods.



2. Time-controlled, time-controlled light-off is a common control method for solar street lights, which is to set the controller for a long time when the lights are on in advance, and the lights will be automatically turned on at night, and the lights will be automatically turned off after the specified time. This control method is relatively It is very reasonable. It can control the cost of Jiuneng solar street lights and prolong the service life of solar street lights.


3. Remote control, the solar street lights that can be controlled by the remote control are generally family solar street lights. In the family, people hope that the solar street lights can be controlled by switches like the city circuit lights. Therefore, the solar street light manufacturers specialize in the research and development of solar street lights for households. A family-style solar street light that can use a controller to control the on and off of the lamps at any time is presented.


At present, the most widely used solar street lamp control method on the market is light control + time control + temperature control.


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