How long should solar street lights stay on

May 08, 2021

With the enhancement of people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection and the continuous maturity of solar energy technology, the application of solar street lights is becoming more and more popular and widespread. The reason why solar street lights are so popular is that the energy used in their lighting comes from solar energy. Because solar lights have the characteristics of zero electricity bills. As a result, many consumers are prone to the notions and thoughts of ordinary citizens, feeling that lighting does not consume electricity, and that the longer the street light is on, the better. But is this idea correct?

Although the longer the solar street lamp is on, no additional electricity bill is required, but there will be additional loss to the content and hardware of the lamp.

First of all, the longer the lighting time of the solar street lamp is, the burden on the solar battery will be increased, and the number of cycles of the solar battery will be greatly reduced, thereby affecting the service life of the solar street lamp.

Secondly, the longer the brightness time of the solar street lamp, the greater the power of the solar panel and the higher the battery capacity, which will lead to an increase in the cost and price of the solar street lamp.

Finally, many scenes do not require long-term lighting, which is likely to cause waste of energy. For example, people in some rural areas generally go to bed early, and late night lighting of street lights can easily affect the quality of rest and sleep of residents; and in some cases, the flow of people is relatively small In places, only need to meet the brightness lighting for a specific time.

In summary, solar street lights are not as long as possible. When purchasing solar street lights, it is best to let the solar manufacturer configure the lamps of the corresponding specifications according to your specific lighting needs, set a reasonable lighting time according to the configuration before leaving the factory, and adjust the lighting mode. For example, install solar street lights in rural areas and the lighting time It should be set to about 6~8 hours and it is reasonable to bring morning light mode.

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