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What is CRI in Work light ?

April 08, 2022

Color rendering index (CRI) is a common parameter in the field of lighting technology. It refers to the measurement of the degree of color conformity, that is, the degree of color fidelity, when an object is illuminated by this light source and by a standard light source (usually using sunlight as the standard light source) .

What does CRI mean? First: for lighting practitioners, color rendering index CRI is a common term. We often see CRI value on the data of light sources, and we know that it reflects the quality of light sources in terms of color rendering. Second: The CRI value helps people to judge what light source should be used in a lighting device. The higher the CRI value, the better. The CIE defines color rendering as: compared with the standard reference light source, the effect of a light source on the appearance of an object’s color. Third: In other words, CRI is a measure of color recognition when compared to a standard light source, such as sunlight. CRI is a generally accepted standard of measurement and the only way to evaluate and report the color rendering of light sources.

Index (Ra) rating color rendering application
90—100 1A Excellent Locations that require accurate color contrast
80—89 1B / Places where correct color judgment is required
60—79 2 Normal Places requiring medium color rendering

The higher the CRI, the better the color rendering. The work light is used for outdoor lighting, which does not require high color rendering, so CRI70 is ok.

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