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How to choose the solar flood lights?

April 15, 2022

The purchase of solar lamps is a popular choice nowadays. People have a full understanding of the advantages of solar lamps, so how to choose solar flood lights?

1. Look at the weight: the 100w of the same level is better if the weight is sufficient, whether the shell material is sufficient, the thickness of the heat sink and the individual length, the thickness is thicker and the length is better. At present, the light efficiency utilization rate of commercial high-power solar flood lights is only 15% to 30%, and most of the remaining energy is converted into heat energy. If the heat energy cannot be effectively discharged, it will lead to serious consequences, so heat dissipation is very important. When purchasing, try to choose thicker and heavier ones.

2. Look at the wattage: 100w, some manufacturers can't do it so high, maybe only 50w or 75w, commonly known as 0.5w and 0.75w. To test the power, just buy a multimeter and practice measurement. The quality and size of light source chips, in order to reduce costs and improve competitiveness, manufacturers use low-quality lamp beads that are less than W. Under the gullibility of the seller, you can count the number of integrated lamp beads. There are so many chips in it, but the size is very small and the brightness is very low. This is the phenomenon that people often talk about. It’s just that some consumers can’t check it out without professional tools.

3. Look at the sealing: if the waterproofing is done well, if the sealing is done well, it will not be easy for water to enter, that is to say, the waterproof performance is good, as long as the lamp shell is good, plus a good sealing strip, it must be IP65 or above. The solar flood light is rain-proof and moisture-proof for outdoor use. If it is soaked in the water for a long time, there will be potential safety hazards. It is recommended to use professional lamps in the water, such as underwater lamps and buried lamps, which are tightly packaged.

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