How does the pir led flood light work?


Pir led flood light is a new high-tech intelligent prod […]

Pir led flood light is a new high-tech intelligent product with high quality, intelligence and super energy saving. When people get close to the light source, the pir led flood light can automatically turn on the light to meet the needs of people for work or life for the light source. After we use the light, pir led flood light will automatically turn off after a certain period of time when the person leaves. With this kind of auto-sensing lamps, will it save more power and resources? Electric energy is a kind of energy that cannot be recycled after consumption. The country has always advocated environmental protection and energy saving. If we can abandon the use of traditional lamps and choose this pir led flood light, it will not only extend the life of the flood light,but also saves more energy for the country.

Our pir led flood light are equipped with induction switches, floodlight induction switches (radar induction switches), when people, cars and other moving objects enter the sensing range, they can be automatically turned on, and they can be automatically delayed and closed after the moving objects leave, eliminating the need for conventional lamps. Some people turn on, no one turns off man-made waste, prolong the service life of lamps, and integrate energy saving, convenience and environmental protection. It is widely used in: corridors, basements, garages, outdoor, warehouses, monitoring and other energy-saving automatic lighting places. So as to achieve the effect of intelligent power saving.