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Causes of led street light fading phenomenon

September 12, 2020

Some LED street lamps often have light decay in practical applications. What is light decay? The light attenuation is the full name of the light attenuation effect, which means that the light intensity of the LED will be lower than the original light intensity after a period of time, and the lower part is the light attenuation of the LED. So what are the reasons for the light decay problem of LED products?

1. The luminous heat energy of led street lamps is a small range of concentrated heat energy. In the application of high-power street lamps, the power input power is also large, and the temperature of the led interface is quite high. When the street lamp continues to work for a long time, if the heat dissipation module cannot effectively dissipate heat, As a result, the service life and luminous performance of LEDs are affected. The serious light decay of current street lamps is caused by these factors.

2. LED street lights are used outdoors, and there are environmental and climate interference factors. Therefore, most manufacturers use anode treatment to protect the shell of the street lamp radiator, or spray paint to avoid acid and alkali corrosion. The life of the anode treatment is not long, and it will oxidize and change color after a long time. If the heavy industry is to be dismantled, it will not only consume time and labor, but also increase the maintenance cost; the paint protection cost is lower and the protection effect is good, but the general paint does not have a heat dissipation function, and the paint itself will form a barrier effect, which is equivalent to increasing the heat dissipation of the street lamp The thermal impedance of the radiator is not only not helpful, but because the heat energy is blocked in the radiator, the luminous power of the LED is reduced, and finally it causes serious light attenuation.

In fact, there are many reasons for the light decay of LED street lamps, but more are caused by poor heat dissipation. This requires street lamp manufacturers to pay more attention to the heat dissipation design of their products.

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