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Application of LED street lights in outdoor lighting

October 10, 2020

LED street lights have the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, low light decay, non-toxic and environmental protection, etc., energy-saving LED street lights have been replaced in most cities and villages in China. However, the quality of LED lamps has a lot to do with the heat dissipation of the lamp body. If the heat dissipation is not ideal, the life of the lamp itself will also be affected.


The LED street lamp has a special structure, so that the heat of the light source can be quickly transferred to the heat sink, and the heat generated by the light source is quickly taken away from the shell by air convection, so that the overall temperature of the lamp can be better controlled, thereby extending the service life of the lamp.




With the rise of LED technology, more and more customers have begun to use LED lighting products in the field of outdoor lighting. The advantages of high luminous efficiency, controllable color temperature and high stability brought by LED lighting products are not provided by other lighting products. . However, the power supply mode of LED lighting is gradually divided into two types: solar power supply and city power supply.


Solar LED lighting products are mainly used in power-deficient areas and new urban and rural roads. The main advantage is that it saves electricity cable laying and pipeline excavation costs, can flexibly place products, and can automatically switch lights according to sunlight conditions Control and other intelligent controls. The disadvantage is that the installation is complicated. Because of the battery panel components, the overall installation and hoisting are more complicated than traditional city circuit lights.


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