An old employee's report------starting from meeting LED light

April 04, 2023

I entered the lighting industry after graduating from college in 2008, because my major was  marketing in college, 

so my first job was for a salesman. As I just graduated, many companies didn't like for fresh graduates, I casted a 

lot of resume, also went to some recruitment meetings, but it took three months to find a job after graduation.

 I were very happy, finally one enterprise needed me, my first work place was Shenzhen LED bulb factory. 

I always told myself to do the job well in the factory, to thank for them giving me the job. My bulb factory 

were very professional in manufacturing of LED bulb, the product was relatively simple, my job was to follow 

orders and arrange shipments. As just started to work, I have no experience, even that don’t know how to 

use the printer, but I met a business manager who led me to grow up, taught me the basic woking still and 

process of my work and some experience of following orders, plus with all my hard work, learning the lighting 

industry from zero, various knowledge related to LED, colour temperature, lumen, color rendering index, led 

chip type and so on, I learned to use various laboratory equipment, such as the integrated sphere ball, 

I quickly became his right-hand man, my work was usually well done. At that time, LED lights didn't 

become very popular, industry competition was also lighter, my factory business was booming, 

the frequency of shipments was very high, I met a little difficulty on my work, because many orders 

cannot be delivered on time, I got complaints from customers, so I needed to communicate patiently 

with the customers and the production departments, arranging shipments as timely as possible. 

Once the goods were urgent, it would have more problems of production, such as making the 

wrong CCT on led chip, using the old design of PCB, the barcode on master carton cannot be scanned,etc. 

I needed to timely communicate with different people to solve all these problems.

which also helped me increase my ability to deal with emergencies. But due to some personal reasons, 

I finally went to Ningbo in 2012.

An old friend in Ningbo suggested to build a lamp factory with me together, mainly focus on outdoor lights.

 I totally agreed for his proposal, so I quickly found a room to rent for RMB400 yuan per month, 

which was shared with five people inside one house and was not far from the factory, which greatly 

shortened my commuting time and living cost. Compared with Shenzhen, Ningbo makes me feel 

more friendly, because the pace of the city is not as fast as Shenzhen, and the pressure of life is 

relatively small. I shuttle between the factory and the dormitory, and feel very full in my heart. 

This factory is my current factory, which I struggle for more than ten years , is very specialized 

in manufacturing floodlight,work lamp, street lamp, high bay lamp, solar lamp, etc.. Because 

I transit from indoor lights to outdoor lights, I need some time to adapt, because the outdoor

 lamp is more complex, more accessories and more testing, but since I chosen it, I will insist on 

it for long time to make my career successful. This job I am a purchase documentary, 

not business documentary, all kinds of materials and accessories make this job more 

complicated than my first job, which requires me to work more carefully, more efficient, 

more ability in negotiation, after all, my job is closely related to procurement and production. 

So I work more hard, with my friend together to fight for our factory, factory’s business is better and better.


However,  I am also very grateful for the first job, although only worked for one year, but at that time 

I formed a deep relationship with the LED light; This also laid a solid foundation for me to enter the 

manufacturing industry of floodlight, and in the following years, I had the honor to witness the 

upgrading of lighting products and the vigorous development of the lighting industry.

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Author: Summer

Date: Apr 2th,2023

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