2022 Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition Report

April 03, 2023
  1. The author is fortunate to participate in the 2022 Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition. The following are some

  2. market reports I made. Please take a look at the latest lighting trends. If you have any suggestions, please contact me.

  3. 1.Product development trend

2. New products

3. Find products

This year's Guangzhou Exhibition, due to the epidemic, many exhibitors did not participate. 

The opening of the exhibition hall is less than last year, and the scale is much smaller. 

Many exhibitors may mainly have booths, but they know that there are not many visitors due to the epidemic, 

so few products on display

The following are the hottest products in this exhibition

Hot sales products :

A. There are many ambient lights

B. Wall control visual panel products

C. High-efficiency light-emitting products

D. Hotel lighting lamps, small lamps, small angle, deep anti-glare, more modular lamps

Many manufacturers of ambient lights are exhibiting this year. I learned from the manufacturers that because of 

the promotion of smart lighting and the epidemic situation, in the past two years, in order to expand indoor activities, 

these products have been promoted. It is said that it started in the third quarter , it is already selling well.

New Products :

More or less smart manufacturers have display wall control panels. 

Wall control panels are now being made in the direction of visualization, 

which will be more intuitive, but they are currently very expensive.

With the implementation of the new ERP and energy constraints, future products should develop towards energy saving 

with high light efficiency and low power. Many manufacturers exhibited such products at this exhibition, but the current 

prices are quite expensive.

Sunshinelux exhibited some sensor products that can be installed quickly

  1. Floodlights with fast plug-in detachable sensors, which feature a quick interface reserved for

  2. the product, only the standard version is required for stock, the sensor can be sold separately

  3. as an accessory, and there are many kinds of sensors that can be equipped, if the customer

  4. needs a sensor version, just buy a sensor and install it, reducing customer inventory

2. The product can be equipped with two kinds of brackets, one is a conventional bracket, 

the lamp can only rotate up and down, and the other can make the Floodlight rotate up and down, left and right

2023 Sunshinelux Light produce the new PC Cover+Quickly connector LED FLood Light 





1.Can be use the 45degree bracket or plastic 360degree bracket

2.use the quickly connctor 

3.Can use the replace glass so that we can repair the lamp 

4.100lm/w pass the ITS CE CB ERP 

Products  Trend:

Common LED Backlit Price:

The number of Backlit products exhibited this year is not as much as last year, and 

the product price is not as good as in previous years. The price is very cheap to attract 

customers. This year, 595*595 36W 3600LM Tpa isolation drive, single brown box packaging, 

Zhejiang Sunnus, the current price is 7.5USD, If you don't have TPA, the price can be a little less.

Search the Products:

XSD has made a BACKLIT product with built-in induction.

Driver manufacturers have already made adjustable power and adjustable 

color temperature on the driver. Manufacturers are making products with 

adjustable power and adjustable color temperature more and more simple. 

Like this adjustable power, adjustable color temperature It is used to drive the flat panel light, about 13-13.5RMB.

The ultra-thin 10MM grille light launched by Liyin Lighting has no secondary light distribution and 100LM/W anti-glare.

XINJIE Lighting launched a 0.99USD Bluetooth light bulb at the exhibition, but asked about the detailed specifications, this product cannot pass EMC and new ERP, and it is a TUYA Beacon solution, which does not support MESH. Specifications, with TELINK's 8250, the price of their light bulb can be about 1.7USD.

Replace Products:

Zhongshan QPLL exhibited trunk lamps and rectangular wall washers.

New Products:

This year, many manufacturers have exhibited a plastic positive light fixture that can 

replace the side light SLIM DOWNLIGHT. 

This product has two ways of embedded installation and surface installation. It can 

be made as UGR19, and the price is quite cheap.

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Author: Mr Rorbet

Date: October 2022

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