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The difference between RGB flood light and LED light

April 28, 2022

At present, as long as you know about the floodlight, you will still find that this lamp can have many different types. The rgb floodlight has become a kind of lamp currently used. Of course, there are many people who don't know much about this lamp. So what are the principles of today's lamps, especially compared with LED lamps?

The first is that therelating the phosphors coated on the inner wall of the bulb.However, the LED light can directly emit blue light, and then directly combine with the phosphor coated on the inner wall to emit white light, so the color of the light emitted by itself is still different. In addition, there are differences in the adjustment range. The LED lamp itself is small in size, and after packaging, it forms a directional concentrating light, which has a certain lighting angle, and the lighting angle is small. The flood light is spherical or annular, shining around, like the sun shining, the angle is 360 degrees, and the irradiation angle is large.

In addition, there is a difference in the frequency spectrum. The rgb led flood light is naturally distributed evenly, and the white light has no blue light vision and no blue light danger. Among them, the led light is a kind of light with a high frequency spectrum, and it is small in size and various in color. It is not only suitable for general lighting, but also for lighting around buildings and landscapes. 
Therefore, as long as you can compare the rgb led flood light with the led light, you can still find that there are still differences between such two lamps.

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