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February 27, 2024

1.What is a solar wall lamp

Wall lamps are wall mounted lighting fixtures that not only provide illumination, but also serve decorative purposes. Solar energy is one of the wall lamps, which is driven by the amount of solar energy to make it emit light and shine.

2.The advantages of solar wall lights

a. The outstanding advantage of solar wall lamps is that under the sunlight during the day, they can use their own conditions to convert solar energy into electricity, thereby achieving automatic charging. At the same time, they can also store this light energy.

b. Solar wall lights are controlled by intelligent switches and also use light controlled automatic switches. For example, solar wall lights will automatically turn off during the day and turn on at night.

c. Because solar wall lights are driven by light energy, they do not need to be connected to any other power source, so there is no need for complicated wiring. Secondly, solar wall lights work very stably and reliably.

d. The service life of solar wall lamps is very long. Because solar wall lamps use semiconductor chips to emit light, they do not have filaments. Under normal use without external damage, their lifespan can reach 50000 hours. The service life of incandescent lamps is one thousand hours, while energy-saving lamps are eight thousand hours. Obviously, the service life of solar wall lamps far exceeds that of incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps.

e. Ordinary lamps generally contain mercury and xenon, which can cause significant environmental pollution when the lamps are discarded. But solar wall lamps do not have mercury and xenon, so even if they are discarded, they will not cause pollution to the environment.


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