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February 22, 2024

How to choose LED street lights

1. Power supply. 

Power supply is also an important factor in measuring the quality of LED street lights. Only by using high-efficiency and high-precision power supply can the high energy efficiency and long service life of LED street lights be guaranteed. In projects where LED street lights are widely used, PFC is also an important indicator. The level of PFC in LED street lights often becomes an important factor in whether the project can be approved.

2. Heat dissipation. 

The biggest factor affecting the lifespan of LED street lights is temperature. The lower the temperature, the longer the lifespan of LED street lights and the smaller the light attenuation. The heat dissipation of LED street lights is a major issue, and its importance and technical difficulty are no less than that of light distribution.

3. Light distribution.

LED street lights are lighting fixtures for roads, different from spotlights. Spotlights require relatively concentrated light, which is commonly known as the "flashlight effect". LED street lights require a large illumination area and good uniformity. In a broad sense, a highway is a rectangle. Based on the characteristics of a highway, it is required that the longitudinal (direction of the highway) illumination area of the road be large, while the transverse illumination area of the road should be small. If the transverse and longitudinal illumination areas are the same, it will inevitably cause waste of light. For the lighting distribution of LED street lights, it is about how to achieve a reasonable configuration of the limited light of LED street lights.

4. Waterproof and dustproof. 

LED street lights mostly work outdoors and are often exposed to wind and rain, so waterproofing and dust prevention of LED street lights are very important. Once dust enters the LED street light, it will cause a decrease in the light efficiency and brightness of the LED street light. If water enters, it will lead to the scrapping of LED street lights, so the protection level of LED street lights should be above IP65.


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