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New Solar Work Light

October 27, 2023

LED is the abbreviation of light-emitting diode, which is a compound semiconductor component. LED lighting is light-emitting diode lighting, which is a semiconductor solid light-emitting device. It uses solid semiconductor chips as luminescent materials. Through certain changes in the semiconductor, it directly emits red and yellow colors. , blue, and green light. On this basis, using the principle of three primary colors and adding phosphors, it can emit light of any color. LED has the characteristics of low energy consumption, small size, no pollution, fast response, and low driving voltage. It is known as a new generation of lighting source and green light source.

According to different luminous intensities, LED lighting can be divided into ordinary brightness LEDs, high-brightness LEDs, and ultra-high-brightness LEDs. Ordinary brightness LEDs are mainly used as indicator lights for various types of instruments, or small character and digital displays, etc.; high-brightness LEDs are used In special lighting fields, such as full-color display screens, automotive lights, special work lighting, military fields, etc.; ultra-high brightness LEDs are widely used in various general lighting fields such as civil and industrial lighting.

Our new product, the LED solar work light, not only has an absolute advantage in terms of energy consumption, but is also the rise of new energy. It is more convenient to use natural resources to charge when there is no electricity outdoors, which is very convenient.


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