Advantages of LED street lights

Advantages of LED street lights:

1. The characteristics of LED street lights themselves - the unidirectionality of light, without light diffusion, ensuring lighting efficiency.

2. LED street lights have a unique secondary optical design, which illuminates the light of LED street lights to the required lighting area, further improving lighting efficiency and achieving energy-saving goals.

3. The light attenuation is small, with less than 3% in one year. After 10 years of use, it still meets the requirements for road illumination. However, the high pressure sodium light has a large attenuation, which has decreased by more than 30% in about one year. Therefore, LED street lights can be designed with lower power consumption than high pressure sodium lights.

4. LED street lights have automatic control energy-saving devices, which can achieve maximum power reduction and save electricity while meeting lighting requirements at different time periods.

5. LED is a low-voltage device that drives a single LED at a safe voltage. Each LED in the series has a power of 1 watt, making it a safer power source than using a high-voltage power source. It is particularly suitable for public places (such as street lighting, factory lighting, automotive lighting, civil lighting, etc.).

6. Long service life: can be used for over 50000 hours, providing a three-year quality guarantee. The drawback is that the lifespan of the power supply cannot be guaranteed.

7. High light efficiency: By using chips with a capacity of ≥ 100LM or higher, it can save more than 75% energy compared to traditional high-pressure sodium lamps.

8. Easy installation: Without the need for buried cables or rectifiers, the street lamp holder can be directly installed on the lamp pole or the light source can be nested into the original lamp housing.


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