How to choose the solar light?

  1. How to choose the solar light?

  2. 1.Panel size

When choosing a solar lamp, it is necessary to choose a suitable panel based on the size of the space and actual needs.

2. Battery size

Solar lamps absorb heat through the panel and store it in the battery. When needed, they drive the lamps to light up, so the size of the battery is also crucial. The larger the battery capacity chosen, the longer the battery life it can last. In addition, there are also battery sections, with the basic model having 1 section. If you want a long battery life, it is recommended to choose a battery with 3 or 4 sections.

3. Number of lamp caps

The lamp head of a solar lamp is generally composed of multiple lamp beads, and the more lamp beads there are, the brighter the brightness emitted by the lamp. In addition, the panel of the lamp holder is also important for sharing, and it is necessary to choose one with good transparency so as not to affect the brightness of the sun lamp.

4. Material of lampshade

There are many types of solar lamps on the market, depending on the material, there are plastic and metal materials. Generally, plastic materials are much cheaper, but due to the severe heat generation of the lamp itself, it is recommended to choose aluminum alloy for more stable performance and longer service life.


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