How to choose high bay light?

July 28, 2023

High bay lights, also known as factory lights, are used in environments such as factory workshops, tunnels, gas stations, and sports venues. 

With the development of LED lighting technology, the traditional incandescent lamp, sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp, Induction lamp and other industrial and mining lamps have gradually been replaced by LED high bay lamps. LED high bay lights have advantages such as energy conservation, environmental protection, long service life, and no delay. Nowadays, there are various types of LED high bay lights in the market, but their quality varies. How to choose a high bay light has also become a concern for everyone. Now I will teach you how to choose a high bay light correctly.


How to choose high bay light?

1. Looking at the overall "power factor of LED high bay lamps": low power factor indicates poor driving power supply and circuit design, which will greatly reduce the lifespan of the lamp. Low power factor, even with good use of lamp beads, the lifespan of the lamp will not be long.

2. It is necessary to consider the usage environment of industrial and mining lamps to determine the process parameters that LED industrial and mining lamps should have: power, color temperature, display index, luminous flux, and power factor. Some special usage environments, such as the chemical industry and food industry; It is necessary to consider whether the product has explosion-proof function.

3. Looking at the "bead quality" of LED industrial and mining lights: The bead quality is determined by the chip quality and packaging technology.

4. Looking at the driving power supply used in LED mining lights, the lifespan of the power supply is much shorter compared to other parts of the lamp. The lifespan of the power supply affects the overall lifespan of the lamp. The theoretical lifespan of the lamp bead is between 50000 to 100000 hours, while the lifespan of the power supply is between 20000 to 30000 hours. The design and material selection of the power supply will determine the lifespan of the power supply.

5. Looking at the "LED industrial and mining lamp heat dissipation conditions - materials, structure": The heat dissipation of industrial and mining lamps is also very important. If the heat dissipation conditions are not good for lamps with the same power factor and lamps of the same quality, the lamp beads will work at high temperatures, resulting in significant light attenuation and reduced lamp life. The radiator is made of high-purity aluminum alloy. The thicker the thickness of the radiator, the more radiators there are, and the better the heat dissipation performance. Otherwise, the worse the heat dissipation performance.

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