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June 30, 2022

When many customers inquire about LED lamps, quality and energy-saving effect are their most concerned issues, and LED high bay lamps are no exception! However, in the process of communication, after reaching a certain consensus, they all tended to the topic of led high bay light prices. What are the factors that affect the price of LED high bay lights?


The so-called "you get what you pay for". Therefore, when comparing the price of led high bay lights, customers should also compare the quality of led high bay lights. Although the procurement cost can be saved in the early stage of procurement, low-cost LED industrial and mining lamps can also be selected. However, this kind of high bay light will soon have various problems, and the maintenance cost will be greatly increased. Quality is the primary consideration when using led high bay light. Let us briefly introduce the three factors that affect the price of led high bay lights.

1. Cooling shell

As we all know, heat dissipation is another key factor for high-quality LED high bay lights. A good heat dissipation shell material can dissipate heat for the LED chip in time to avoid premature aging of the LED chip due to long-term heating. Although the size of the low-cost LED high bay seems to be mid-to-high-end, it actually reduces the cost of the heat dissipation housing, such as the thickness of the housing becomes thinner, or the length of the radiator behind the LED high bay becomes shorter. This led high bay light may not have any problems when it is first used, but after a year, even in a short period of time, the heat dissipation efficiency of the radiator will be greatly reduced due to dust accumulation and aging, resulting in the aging of the led chip or Burns quickly.


2. LED chip

Some low-cost LED high bay lamps use some irregularly packaged LED chips, which are prone to problems such as insufficient wattage, deterioration, and poor heat dissipation performance, resulting in insufficient brightness of the entire lamp, chip sealant easy to break, and rapid chip aging. It is conceivable that, The service life of the finished lamp will be greatly shortened. It also affects the health of the eyes! Domestic packaged LED lamp chips are blooming everywhere, resulting in uneven quality of LED chips. A good LED chip means good heat dissipation, adequate lighting lumens and a high-tech package. Therefore, the chip can work for a long time, reducing the aging rate.

3. LED power supply

High-quality led industrial and mining lamps must have high-quality power supplies to maintain voltage, constant current and corrosion resistance. The relatively low-priced LED industrial and mining lamps on the market generally use poor-quality power supplies. It can be said to be a segment. This kind of power supply is also easy to cause the chip to emit unstable light, and the light decays quickly. Generally speaking, the light intensity will be greatly reduced within a year or even less, and even dangerous situations such as fire and explosion will occur.


Experience tells us that when choosing LED industrial and mining lamps, we should not blindly focus on price and ignore quality, but choose LED industrial and mining lamps with relatively low quality. For customers who have higher requirements for LED high bay lights, remember to first understand and compare LED high bay light chips, power supplies and heat dissipation shells. The use of led high bay lights not only involves service life, maintenance costs, but also safety in use, so choose carefully!


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